TRYGONS S.A. is a pioneer composite parts’ manufacturer that utilizes state-of-the-art technologies for the design and fabrication of large and complex reinforced plastic parts focusing on mass production. The company offers products’ development from their initial inception and design up to their final materialization and market launch.

With 2000m2 manufacturing facilities, advanced in-house industrial equipment, record breaking achievements - including low vessel weight and fuel-efficiency - and, most importantly, thorough cross-sector composites technical expertise, we can help you minimize start-up and production costs, while delivering improved product quality always on time. Technologically, our latest advancement in hollow single-shot (monocoque) infusion technique makes us especially suitable for constructing large and complex parts with enhanced dimensional accuracy, stability, stiffness and lowered weight. Glass or carbon-fiber structures are both produced at half the time and at a much lower cost.

TRYGONS has manufactured products for a number of industries. We are best known – also due to our cross-sector knowledge - for our out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas. In particular, when it comes to designing, our experts are dedicated composite parts’ designers, who aim to fabricate advanced products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally optimised.

In terms of our values, we are committed to a one-client-per-sector principle and aim to build lifetime relations with its customers. We acknowledge our people’s contribution and recognize that the best results can only come through teamwork. Finally, we make a point to organise our operational and production processes in an environmentally sound way.

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Product Range

Large scale composite parts, such as automotive parts, boats, as well as sports equipment (freediving and other).

Unique Technical Capabilities

TRYGONS has acquired a broad manufacturing experience by working on very versatile and demanding products - ranging from spearguns to superyachts. Very often, TRYGONS comes up with very advanced and out-of-the-box solutions for its customers.

TRYGONS has developed unique technical capabilities in:

• Research & Development: Advanced product & process design
• Large Structures
• Integrated ribs & stringers without print-through
• Total parting lines removal (without rework)
• Direct "A" quality surface
• Single-shot (monocoque)/ hollow / very complex parts' infusion
• Complex multiple parts moulds
• In-Autoclave infusion technique
• Specialised metal additive resins


For manufacturing top quality composites’ parts, TRYGONS is fully equipped with the following industrial machinery and tools:

• 4 CNC Milling Stations Stations [0,4M / 1M (4 AXIS) / 4M (5 AXIS) / 15M (5 AXIS)]
• 4 Controlled Environment Rooms/Curing Furnaces (up to 15m. long and 120-500oC)
• Autoclave (2m X 0,6m)
• Resin Mixing & Injection Machines
• 10TN Tensile Testing Machine & Other Laboratory Equipment
• 3 Vacuum Pumps
• 6m Resins Storage Refridgerator
• Numerous In-House Made Automation Machines

Technical Processes

TRYGONS has acquired significant practical know-how on the following methods:

• Autoclave parts
• Press moulding
• Resin infusion & post-curing of parts of various sizes
• CNC precision trimming
• Tooling: High-precision CNC moulds & models up to 15M
• Cure reaction monitoring
• Quality control
• In-House mechanical testing