Market Entry Studies

We collect and prepare crucial information needed to assess just how competitive your products or services are in the Greek market by offering a range of our detailed market studies.

The pre-market check serves to assemble market information from your target country. Upon this basis you can decide whether and what further steps to undertake for your successful entry. An in-depth market study can provide you with a comprehensive overview of all the current parameters of your target country, the market potential of your product or service, an industry abroad or your competitors. This allows you to check out your market opportunities before undertaking your entry.


Your advantages from a pre-market check or market study:

  • Individualized market analysis for your product and/or service in the target market
  • Information on customers, suppliers and distribution channels
  • Overview and analysis of the competitive structure
  • Answering detailed questions
  • Network and access to local information sources
  • Neutrality through the use of a neutral, service provider already established in the market