Clothing & Textiles

The clothing and textile industry in Greece has always been one of the most important for the national economy. The Greek production of yarn, fabrics and readymade garments is one of the biggest in Europe and it keeps developing and modernizing to keep up with the rapid and radical changes in consumer needs. Due to this constant progress, the products maintain their high quality and competitiveness in the European market. Despite the economical Greek crisis, the industry has recovered and employs hundred thousands of people and the number of biotechnical and craft enterprises is constantly increasing, with the contribution of small and medium enterprises becoming greater by the day.

In addition to the production, the Greek exports have also seen a great increase in recent years.  In total, the rise in exports from 2016 to 2018 amounted to 25%, while in 2019, the branch hit a new record of 1, 91 billion Euros, which is the highest performance in the last 12 years, according to data from the Association of Knitting and Ready-made Clothing Companies of Greece (SEPEE).

During the pandemic of Covid-19 there has been a slight decrease in wholesales in Greece but this could be exactly the reason why the exports have seen such growth. The industry of clothing and textiles has shown how capable it is and it definitely has the potential to grow even more.

Greek companies: