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About EuroShoring

Before the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the world and the global economy, it was very common for an object to be made in one continent and to be sold in another one, while the distance between those two has never been greater. Although this tactic can provide some benefits for the company, such as low wage rates, they also come with challenges that may ultimately hurt the business. Little control of the supply chain, high customs and duty charges, time zone discrepancies, which make communication more difficult and less oversight and control of the process are just a few.

On the occasion of the Covid-19 pandemic, where many industries were affected and stock markets were falling rapidly, it was observed how fragile the global supply chains actually are. Many European companies have overly dependent relations with offshore countries and due to the closing of the borders when the virus spread they had to face shortages and production problems.

In this context, the German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry sees nearshoring as an opportunity, a game changer for globalization. Nearshoring has been rising on popularity the last few years and there are some very convincing reasons why a company should consider shifting their supply chain geographically closer.

The cultural differences, that can affect the quality of the work, are greatly reduced and there is better understanding, communication and coordination between countries that have similar cultural backgrounds. Nearshoring ensures that the product will get with greater speed to the market and makes it possible for the two collaborating companies to frequently meet, which can positively influence the quality of the product. It is also important that the similar time zones make communication easier and more comfortable because they don’t require the companies to work too late at night or too early in the morning.

The German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry has created the e-platform EuroShoring with the vision to help Europe become independent from the offshore markets and to shift its supply chains within the European borders. Our goal is to start this change by using this platform as a pilot project between Greece and Germany, with the vision that other european countries will be able to follow. The plan is to promote the Greek industry in the international market, as it has a large pool of highly skilled, educated resources available and professionals who can efficiently support any investment effort. Many Greek education institutions offer training in foreign languages, which results to a great number of individuals speaking fluently one or multiple languages.

Through EuroShoring Greek companies from various industries have the opportunity to register on the page and through the creation of an impressive profile to promote their services and products, as well as their production potential. As a result they have the chance to attract collaborations with companies from all over Europe. The German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is part of the global AHK network, is promoting EuroShoring, so that your company will benefit from our global network of knowledgeable contacts from the fields of industry, institutions and associations as well as from politics - in Germany and in more than 90 host countries.

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Standard Price: 320€ / Year

Price for the Members of the German-Hellenic Chamber: 250€ / Year

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