Greek Economy at a glance

Due to the recent spread of Covid-19, it has been observed how fragile the supply chains are. In particular, European companies, including German companies, are dependent on offshore countries and therefore are increasingly facing production shutdowns because of the pandemic. As a result, in many companies the components required for the final product often cannot be produced or delivered. In this context, our vision is the reduction of this dependence and the relocation of the supply chain within European borders.

Greece is one of the countries that have a strong manufacturing industry in many sectors and has proven that it has the ability to produce and deliver more than it already does.



Since 2015 Greek exports have registered a significant rise. According to the data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority, Greece exported €33.8 billion worth of goods around the globe in 2019, presenting a 1% increase compared to 2018. Exports to the European Union (EU) rose to 56% in 2019, proving the particular importance of Greek foreign trade. The top exports of Greece are mineral fuels including oil (31.6%), industrial items classified mainly as raw materials (14.9%), foodstuffs (14.2%) and chemical products (12.1%).

Some branches have seen growth in the last few years. In February 2020 chemicals scored a 34.1% export increase, foodstuffs and animal products 20.5% and oil 86.7% and these are just a few of the industries that have shown promising export potential.

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